Manager, Emin Aliyev, started his sewing workshop in January 2005. At first he was primarily engaged in performing retouches for renowned boutiques in and outside Antwerp, and custom-made clothing.


Indeed, there appears to be a clear demand for a tailor with an eye for the right fit - whether it is to update existing, newly purchased clothing or brand clothing to fit perfectly - or custom-made clothing.

SuitSolutions offers today's stylish man likewise customizations. The suits / jackets / coats are using traditional crafting methods made with durable quality Italian fabrics from the Biella region as vital Barberis, Ariston, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, etc...


Manager Emin Aliyev designs - together with you - your clothing size. He guides you - step by step - in selecting the fabric, the cut, lining, buttons, and other finishes ...


The combination of the traditional aspect and the high quality are the key elements of SuitSolutions.


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