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Special occasions require only the finest fabrics of exceptional quality and value.

Our stock supported range „Cerimonia“ has a wide selection of cloth, offering Super130‘s, Mohair and Silks these fabrics are on stock and we can offer our fast and reliable delivery.

To enlarge the range of fabric possibilities we also offer a cut length service from a number of leading Cloth Merchants:








Dinner Peak Suit Lapel

When the invite says Black Tie you are perfectly dressed with this dinner suit.

Today, the dinner suit is one of the most festive and formal attires, with a few variations of this garment a unique look can always be achieved. Here we show you the classic looks with a Peak Lapel.


The classy, black dinner jacket, single breasted with one opening button, silk lapel and waistcoat with deep round opening.


Suit Vitale Barberis Canonico VB0067,

Wool & Mohair, Lapels with Silk S04

Shirt M1018, 170/2, Plisé H002


Dinner Suit Shawl-Collar

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The next Black Tie maybe more classical than the first.

The shawl collar lapel, combined with the black cummerbund and the obligatory bow tie - you can try and tie yourself.

The formal trousers are plain, matching the colour of the jacket, they have no turn ups and no pleats, always with one satin stripe at the side.


Suit VB0067, Wool & Mohair,

Lapel Silk S03, Lining 266

Shirt M1018, 170/2, Plisé H003

Velvet Smoking

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Jacket Brisbane Moss BM0071, Cotton Velvet

Lining HW007, Trousers VB0067

Shirt M1018, 170/2, Plisé H002

The expression smoking jacket has its origins in the English smoking lounges of the past century.  It always dresses you well and can be adapted to the latest trends with the right accessories.

Give this classic garment a modern twist by making it from velvet! Combined with the classic formal trousers it is perfect for all manner of formal occasions.

Long Jacket

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The Long Jacket is a perfect choice for a wedding or a cocktail party, this elegant look can be combined with a daring waistcoat and accessories to achieve the look your client desires.


There are no strict formal rules so let your creativity play. Maybe match the accessories to the colour of your wife‘s dress?


Suit REDA RE0002 Structure,

Waistcoat & Accessoires Dutel

DU0006, Jacquard

Morning Coat

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The Morning Coat finds it place at a formal wedding or even at Royal Ascot or other social functions.

The style of the Morning Coat is very set, Grey Jacket, plain or herringbone, with a grey striped trouser, introduce some colour with the waistcoat but always a light pastel tone. The Morning Coat should always be finished with the plastron to achieve the look.


Morning Coat Herringbone VB0034, Waistcoat Silk BK0002

Trousers Stripe EB0002, Accessoires Dutel DU0004

Full Evening Dress

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The Tailcoat, king of formal wear, timeless and classic it is the must have for the very finest formal occasion.

If the invitation says White Tie you are requested to wear an evening tailcoat.

The trousers should have two silk stripes, pique waistcoat with a deep V-neck, white frack shirt with stud buttons, white bowtie, black leather patent shoes, top hat, cape and stick!


Tailcoat Super 150´S VB0010

Waistcoat & Bowtie Marcella H003

Dress Shirt Sea Island Poplin M550


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The character of your outfit can always be expressed through the waistcoat, matching neck wear and a pocket square. Choose from our wide range of styles and details.

Dress Shirt

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The shirt is often overlooked, but do attach importance to it with the best fit and comfortable fabric. We offer a wide selection of fabrics and styles, from the collars to the cuffs, go for the classic dress shirt with a plise or piquet front panel.


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CUMMERBUND  -  As an alternative to the waistcoat – an attractive sash in the colour and pattern of the bow tie. The cummerbund goes with a dinner suit.


NECKWEAR / PLASTRON / CRAVAT - The festive and broader alternative to the tie. We offer 3 basic styles, fabric an colour of your taste.


POCKET SQUARE - Completes your outfit. For wedding, mostly matching the waistcoat and neck wear.


BOWTIE - The classy alternative to the tie or cravat, it is the must have accessory with a dinner jacket or evening tailcoat. In a variety of colours, styles or sizes the options are limitless.


FLOWER / DRESS DECORUM - Make a dramatic contrast against a black dinner jacket, it is not only a dress accessory but a symbol.


CUFFLINKS AND STUDS - Classic black Tie shirt studs, cufflinks and waistcoat studs if needed are typically gold or onyx, the formal jewellery is a perfect opportunity to personalise your formal wardrobe.




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